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Incubators are designed to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies through an array of business support resources and services.  One of the best methods for members of the New York fashion industry to receive business support is to communicate with other members of the apparel industry in New York.  This may not lead to financial support, but this most certainly can lead to educational support.  Communicating with others in the clothing industry can be managed in a few ways.  One beneficial method is a face to face meeting.  This can be achieved by simply calling on a particular company and requesting a meeting.  However, this is not the easiest or most practical method.  If you are eager to have a face to face with colleagues, it may be wise to attend a New York fashion event such as a trade show.  This will allow you to meet with numerous companies in a single meeting place.  A New York trade show will allow you to meet several companies in the span of one day or over a several day period.
In addition to scheduling meetings at a trade show or other sort of fashion event, it would be a good idea to conduct online discussions.  This allows you to get the ball rolling with potential business connections.  If all goes well during the online discussions, you can then move to a face to face meeting (or a phone call).
If you would like to meet members of the New York fashion industry, I would suggest the New York Fashion Group at the Fashion Industry Network.  From that particular group, you can find other members of the apparel industry that work or live in New York.  The group has a "discussion" section, as well as a general comment section.  Our suggestion is to post "questions" in the discussion section.  This allows for a chain of questions and responses to go back and forth on a particular subject.  You can use the New York fashion group section to ask questions similar to the following:
  • What New York fashion school would you suggest for someone interested in studying fashion design?
  • How do you find buyers that purchase clothing for New York fashion boutiques?
  • How do I find a fashion job in New York City?
  • When working in New York, would you suggest that I intern first?
  • Is manufacturing clothing in New York beneficial?  And why?
If you are interested, we would suggest that you visit the discussion groups section on FIN and join the NY Fashion Group.
It is probably a good idea to join in the discussions today.
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