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The New York Fashion Industry has a plethora of fashion companies.  In our opinion, when navigating thru the NYC garment industry is often best when utilizing directories.  Certainly, search engines are also helpful.  However, we typically prefer "directories", because with current technology they are often better at helping us narrow our investigation.  Although we often use search, we should also use directories for our research.
Here are a few New York fashion directories that you may find to be helpful.
If you prefer to use search engines, you can try the following apparel industry engines.  When utilizing the engines below, be sure to add "New York" or "NY" or "NYC" to your search term.  For example, if you are looking for t-shirt factories, it may be best to type "New York T-shirt Factories" in the search field rather then simply typing "T-shirt Factories".  The engines below are not specific to New York.  Therefore, you must not forget to list the state or city as part of your search term.
Again, when using the engines, do not forget to add the city, borough, or state as one of the keywords in your search query.
If you know other New York fashion directories that should be added to this section, please do not hesitate to let us know.  We would be happy to add another NY fashion directory if you know of a good one.
If you work in the fashion industry in New York, please do not forget to join in the discussions at the New York fashion group on FIN.
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